Deploying OpenMRS in my computer

After a lot of struggle I have successfully deployed OpenMRS in my computer with the help of Kayiwa Daniel!!!

Homepage of deployed OpenMRS in my system

It all started at 10 pm yesterday. I read the installation guide for developers in OpenMRS site. And prepared myself for the deployment as a Knight prepare himself for the battle. Yeah of course I am the Knight in the shining golden armor. I decided to download every prerequisites even though I have them in my system already. At around 11 pm I queued everything for download. The list follows

  • JDK
  • Eclipse for JEE developers
  • Mysql
  • Tomcat
  • Tortoise SVN

Huh… I woke up early in the morning at 9 am(thats too early for me).. I decided to install fresh os on my secondary hard drive (160 GB). Yep done os has been installed and I installed all the prerequisites successfully and started my mission of deployment. I was doing the stuffs and I saw Kayiwa Daniel online at around 12.30 pm, that was 10 am in Daniel’s place. Discussed with him about today’s plan and started continuing my work. While I was wondering how everything is going so smooth without any problems, an error occurred in sql. Error 1451: cannot delete or update parent row. I was scared and for Daniel’s help. He immediately asked whether I have run the scripts properly or not. I said yes and he said me to try it with Mysql Manager GUI and actually I had Mysql command line tool. As he suggested I was downloading Mysql manager and the meanwhile I was trying to get everything right with command line itself. I grant the permission to the user I could insert into rows but could not delete… I was like ‘What the hell is going on???’… I lost my hope and tried with Mysql Manager and immediately everything worked. After this only I realized the importance of a mentor. Though this is a silly thing this thing would have taken me a longer time but fortunately I done everything successfully. Then I came to deployment in eclipse. Again I got struck at installing the build.xml in the ant console. Then I realized my mistake, I installed both JDK and JRE somehow unknowingly. So I uninstalled JRE alone and it needed the system to be restarted. I restarted the system and again I tried installing the build.xml in the ant console and got connection error. Then I checked everything and noticed my Tomcat was not working because it was set to the JRE path while installing. So I changed the path and started the server and installed the build.xml. Gotcha it was working and finally the build was created successfully :-). At last at 6 pm the mission has been accomplished successfully. It had taken me around 8 hours to do that this includes so many short naps, lunch and breakfast. I think I should speed up myself. Thats all for today folks. ta ta.


Self Potrait

I am Sri Prasanna. K. I am doing my 2nd year in College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai, India. I am very happy to work with OpenMRS in this summer particularly with my mentor Daniel Kayiwa. As Docpaul said in irc Daniel is a wonderful guy to work with. Docpaul is lucky he met Daniel once. Today I spoke to Daniel I dunno somehow he impressed me. The way he chatted impressed me at first. He avoided cutting short the sentences thats very rare to see. Probably he is the first for me 🙂 Oh no this my introduction post but i was introducing my mentor. Ok now about me. I am always fascinated and crazy about java. Java, the one thing I cant live without. So I applied for 5 Java projects this year in GSoC but only one got selected 😦 anyways thanks for OpenMRS. I love to code, play games and watch lot and lotta movies. I have a desktop pc right now but gonna buy a mac with $4500 from Google 🙂

Wait for my posts… I will be rite back… brb…

GSoC 2008 :)

Huh… finally the time has come…. results were out on 21st April… I crossed my fingers and logged into my account… hurray!!!!!!!!! one of my projects is selected… I felt like I am blessed… Today April 24, 2008 started this blog and wrote this post… this blog is will be meant for only GSoC and OpenMRS for next 5 months.. guys you have to wait till that…