Deploying OpenMRS in my computer

After a lot of struggle I have successfully deployed OpenMRS in my computer with the help of Kayiwa Daniel!!!

Homepage of deployed OpenMRS in my system

It all started at 10 pm yesterday. I read the installation guide for developers in OpenMRS site. And prepared myself for the deployment as a Knight prepare himself for the battle. Yeah of course I am the Knight in the shining golden armor. I decided to download every prerequisites even though I have them in my system already. At around 11 pm I queued everything for download. The list follows

  • JDK
  • Eclipse for JEE developers
  • Mysql
  • Tomcat
  • Tortoise SVN

Huh… I woke up early in the morning at 9 am(thats too early for me).. I decided to install fresh os on my secondary hard drive (160 GB). Yep done os has been installed and I installed all the prerequisites successfully and started my mission of deployment. I was doing the stuffs and I saw Kayiwa Daniel online at around 12.30 pm, that was 10 am in Daniel’s place. Discussed with him about today’s plan and started continuing my work. While I was wondering how everything is going so smooth without any problems, an error occurred in sql. Error 1451: cannot delete or update parent row. I was scared and for Daniel’s help. He immediately asked whether I have run the scripts properly or not. I said yes and he said me to try it with Mysql Manager GUI and actually I had Mysql command line tool. As he suggested I was downloading Mysql manager and the meanwhile I was trying to get everything right with command line itself. I grant the permission to the user I could insert into rows but could not delete… I was like ‘What the hell is going on???’… I lost my hope and tried with Mysql Manager and immediately everything worked. After this only I realized the importance of a mentor. Though this is a silly thing this thing would have taken me a longer time but fortunately I done everything successfully. Then I came to deployment in eclipse. Again I got struck at installing the build.xml in the ant console. Then I realized my mistake, I installed both JDK and JRE somehow unknowingly. So I uninstalled JRE alone and it needed the system to be restarted. I restarted the system and again I tried installing the build.xml in the ant console and got connection error. Then I checked everything and noticed my Tomcat was not working because it was set to the JRE path while installing. So I changed the path and started the server and installed the build.xml. Gotcha it was working and finally the build was created successfully :-). At last at 6 pm the mission has been accomplished successfully. It had taken me around 8 hours to do that this includes so many short naps, lunch and breakfast. I think I should speed up myself. Thats all for today folks. ta ta.


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