Fourth Week of Coding

Huh… Atlast I am gonna complete my first half. Only few things left in the enhancements and backend. Hopefully I will finish the backend works tomorrow. Finally got access to svn repository gonna upload my src code tomorrow 🙂 . I am working on the form for managing the created hierarchies such as editing and deleting. Since I have merged both ideas in the same form I am working on something like fliping. I am gonna provide the user with radio buttons. If he selects edit then he will get options for edit and if he selects delete he will get options for delete. The drop down works fine here but still things are there have to be done. I used drop down here because it would be helpful for users and I could gain some idea on how to do the second half. If everything works fine then I am gonna use the same Javascript file for my second half. Ah I forgot to mention. At the beginning I misunderstood few things in the DWR documentation and thats the reason for this delay. I misunderstood the “CALL BACK FUNCTION” part in the DWR. Thats really crazy na. Thats all for now folks. I will give my update once I finish the rest of works.


The Third Week of Coding

I am extremely sorry for the delay in the updates. Me and my mentor Daniel worked together and solved many issues. This is the first time in my lifetime to correct such many errors. But finally I see a small hope that I can finish the major part of the first deliverable by tomorrow. Actually I thought I could do that by last weekend but I could not. And that was the reason for the delay in the updates. Hope I will put my codes in repository in this week for further reviews, suggestions and enhancements. Right now I am little bit held up in the hql part. I am in the verge of completing. I will update this post once I get done with this issue. Thanks for the patience.

The Second Week of Coding

This week also had been very hectic because of the exams. AAAAHHH finally I am done with exams. This week I managed to do only few things. Right now I am stuck with my form controller. I think I don’t have any problems with hibernate and mapping. They seem to be pretty fine. I am planning to put my code in the svn repository once I am done with my form controller. All I have to do now with it is once my form is submitted the values should hierarchically stored in the table. Hope I will solve it soon. After this I still have “manage hierarchy section” I think that can be done easily once I complete this controller. But I must appreciate Rwanda Registration Module. It helped me a lot. Actually Brian insisted me to have a look at Rwanda Registration Module and Printing Module. In Rwanda Registration they have the address hierarchy facility. Though the locations are already stored in there and pulled out in the forms the codes can be used as reference and it instantly gives us some sparks to resolve some issue. Since its really late in the night my brain (oops… this is the third time i writing brian instead brain and correcting it…) is totally exhausted and I cannot get where am I stuck in this form controller. Tomorrow I gotta catch Daniel and solve this. It has been two weeks but still I have not complete the form thing. Again I have to speed up myself. You see I am the laziest person in the world 😛

Last week Ben and Paul enquired me about the Lambda Probe. And I replied to their comments. Actually Lambda Probe works fine for me. The main thing it helps me is in maintaining the system performance and not slowing down the firefox. But still I have to figure out one thing. When I delete my old module and try to upload the new modified one  I am getting  an error message saying “addresshierarchysupport-1.0.omod is already associated with a loaded module”. I thought to ask about this in IRC last week but forgot somehow because of exams. How will it be associated when there’s no modules at all in the module repository. Then everytime I have to restart my application to get the module to work in the system and LambdaProbe helps me to do that quickly without any troubles.

The First Week of Coding :P

Why I have used this P smiley in this title?

Answer at the end P

Lets come to the point. The first week had been very hectic to me. I had a lot of trouble in designing project. The trouble is all because of me I have to accept that honestly. I had to satisfy everyone’s ideas like Daniel, Brian, Ben and etc. But I have done successfully in the late Wednesday. I had to speed up my brain and to work fast on coding. Here comes the problem, the biggest headache in everyone’s life EXAMSSSSS. I wanna know who introduced this in the world. It really slowed down my progress. I thought to be on safer i can do the front-end and sql stuffs. I first chose to do the sql thing. I made a very big mistake in sql.diff.xml file. I wrote the queries in two <diff> division. Well it gave me error 150. That error is for foreign key constraint. Finally I asked for Daniel’s help he suggested me to put all the queries under one <diff>. Ha that worked fine:).

In summer we face one more problem in India. The problem is so simple but cant tackle it. Power cuts. I struggled a lot with that last week. We never had so many power cuts in day time. 6 hours a day without power?? nah thats so difficult. Somehow now its alright but still i have exams till 6th :(.

During my coding i had to reload my webapp very often. I had a very hard time with tomcat while reloading it. It slowed down my entire system. I had to find some tool to fix it. Here come Lambda Probe. Really a good work which saved my time and temper. Here’s the link for the screenshot while reloading my app. It dint slow down my system and pretty fast too. Hats off Lambda Probe.

Finally I brought my module under the module management page without any errors. You can have a look at it here. And under the admin page I have brought it successfully. I have created two links one to create the hierarchies another to manage it like editing and deleting the hierarchy. But not yet decided about the second one. I am gonna start the backend work today hope I will get less errors this time :). I am gonna give you two more screenshots have a look at it. Here it is 1 and 2.

Sorry guys I dont want to test your patience by inserting all the images in the page. So if you wish to view them click on the links.

Answer: Because I have used that smiley more than a thousand times this week P .