Fourth Week of Coding

Huh… Atlast I am gonna complete my first half. Only few things left in the enhancements and backend. Hopefully I will finish the backend works tomorrow. Finally got access to svn repository gonna upload my src code tomorrow šŸ™‚ . I am working on the form for managing the created hierarchies such as editing and deleting. Since I have merged both ideas in the same form I am working on something like fliping. I am gonna provide the user with radio buttons. If he selects edit then he will get options for edit and if he selects delete he will get options for delete. The drop down works fine here but still things are there have to be done. I used drop down here because it would be helpful for users and I could gain some idea on how to do the second half. If everything works fine then I am gonna use the same Javascript file for my second half. Ah I forgot to mention. At the beginning I misunderstood few things in the DWR documentation and thats the reason for this delay. I misunderstood the “CALL BACK FUNCTION” part in the DWR. Thats really crazy na. Thats all for now folks. I will give my update once I finish the rest of works.


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