Fifth Week of Coding

I have almost completed my first half project to be submitted for mid term evaluation.

I have put few screenshots here and explanation for it.

This is the create hierarchy page. It has auto completion text boxes which helps admin to create locations easily. There’s also a location counter in this page showing the number of locations in the table.

This is the manage hierarchy page. When it loads it looks like this. You can start editing or deleting by selecting a country.

The hierarchy is changed as you choose a location. If a hierarchy skips a location type then that particular drop down menu will be disabled.

As you can see in screenshots the hierarchies are changed as the locations are changed.

Even manage hierarchy page has a location counter.

On choosing edit the submit button is renamed to “Edit”. And the user will be provided radio buttons and corresponding disabled textboxes. On selecting a radio button the corresponding textbox will be loaded with the selected value in the drop down menu. If the drop down menu is disabled then the textbox will not be enabled on selecting the radiobox. User can edit the location in the text box and click Edit button.

Delete also similar to Edit but this will not give out textboxes. User can click the radio button and click the Delete button.

Yesterday when Brian tried to work with my module he faced problems in manage hierarchy page. Still I could not figure out the reason. I tried the module in few other systems it worked fine there. Even in Internet Explorer 6 it worked fine. I have done this autocomplete thing today havent updated my code yet in the repository since there’s some problem in the repository.


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