Sixth week of coding

This week I had to work bit harder because i had to take off for four days from the project since I had to attend my cousin’s marriage.  At the start of the week Brian suggested a new concept for easy user interface. A javascript tree to maintain the address hierarchy even Daniel thought that would be good and pretty useful.

As they wished I designed the javascript tree with a small css bug (an extra line could be easily removed on a small research). Here are the screen shots

This is default view. You cannot delete or edit that “Start” link.

This is the tree view.

Three options you get when you right click on a link.

Popup you get when select “Add Location”.

Popup you get when you select “Edit Location”.

Confirmation dialog you get when you select “Delete Location”.

I use a Java string parsed into Json array to build this array. But I feel loading the tree the with a large number of locations will take pretty long time but once it is loaded this is the best way for an user to create a location rather than the old way plus maintaining the locations is also very easy.

I hope my mentor and backup mentor like this tree. I am doing a small research for the second part of my project. It will take 2 or 3 days and on 10th I have my project review. After that I will start coding for the second part.

P.S : I welcome any alternative suggestion for the Json array. I am not sure how to build a js tree without an array.


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