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cancerb0yI am Sri Prasanna.K from Chennai, a drop out from famous College of Engineering, Guindy.

I had dropped out of college earlier this year due to pursue my interest in programming and further my practical knowledge in web development and related areas. For a long time I made up my mind to pursue a career first in web technologies and learn a lot by working in startups that build amazing products, so in the future I could use all of that into establishing a company of my own. I felt that college was holding me back and I was losing my love for computers because of the kind of theoretical knowledge they were imparting on me, which in my opinion was of no use to me or something that I had managed to learn on my own before. Since I had already lost 2 years because of a serious accident to my spinal cord and the untimely demise of my father. After thinking it through carefully I decided to drop out of college and seek employment with my skills at hand. I’m a self learner, have always been one, have immense interests in web development, I know one day I’ll make it big here and I honestly think a degree is just not a requirement for it, only knowledge and skills are.

I have always thought about what really drives me towards computers. When I dug down deep inside I found that they were 3 things. First, my love towards programming came from my passion for creating things. I’ve always kept the creative spirit in me alive since I was a little kid. To me programming is an extension of my creative self. Since my first year in college, I’ve enjoyed creating small games, micro sites and network related programs. Teaching a computer to perform what you want can be 100 times more fun than teaching your pet animals some tricks. Secondly I’ve always been a kind of an explorer. Looking around in places where I shouldn’t be always gave me a thrill. I discovered that “hacker” attitude in me when I used to read about exploits and bugs. To me finding out exploits and fixing them was more than just timepass it was a pleasure. Sometimes I have spent sleepless night trying to fix bugs because the hacker inside me wouldn’t let me rest until things were all fixed. I really enjoy breaking things apart and putting them back together. Thirdly I’m the kind of guy who prefers to re-design the wheel rather than re-invent it. This is why I’m so concerned about the user interface in a software. I want to give the end user the best possible solution using the toughest solutions possible sprayed on with nifty effects. I enjoy learning about upcoming trends in javascript frameworks and I’m always on the lookout for new trends in the field of RIA. So I think a combination of these qualities, the creative spirit, my hacker attitude and my desire to optimize things (or should we say re-design things) is what that drives me.


7 responses to “About me

  1. Wow…that was quite an abt me section…Even I feel abt the same abt our coll and degree…Well, ppl don’t have guts lik u…U’ll rock man…

  2. Hi Prasanna,

    Went through your ‘About Me’ page. Felt sad (at your losses) as well as proud the way you have shaped up yourself and your career. Also Congrats on your achievement.
    Would like to take the opportunity to brief you about my organization, ThoughtWorks Technologies, if you are interested. I strongly feel that there is a lot of similarity in the way you have grown and the way my org has grown over the past, Self Made.

    Usually at TW we just dont look out for profile who match our current requriements, but also we are in constant look out for the value/Culture fit guys like you. I feel you could be an asset to TW. Please get back to me(manav’at’thoughtworks.com) if you would like to explore a bit more about us. In fact,even if you are not planning to change or look out still I would suggest you to go through our website. Do let me know if I can be of any help to you.

    Best of luck for your future endevours.


  3. Good stuff da…

    And it’s been a long time as well.

    Finally someone ripped apart Anna university and its crappy method of teaching 🙂

    I too never liked it from the beginning as well and I couldn’t “afford” to leave it at the same time…lol!

    Kudos on your job at SlideShare and keep it going!

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